September Challenge

As a Physio and a person I always believe in doing as you say. So this year I decided to join my colleagues in the Steptember challenge. If you haven’t heard of Steptember it’s trying to do 10,000 steps each day to raise awareness and money for Cerebral Palsy. It’s also a great way to hold yourself accountable to how much you move. This morning I got to work 1/2 hour early, made use of the sunshine and went for a walk. How mindful are you of the amount of activity you do each day?

Find your 30

Have you heard that a sedentary lifestyle is possibly worse than smoking? For years the Heart foundation has encouraged people to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. Now Sport Aus wants every Australian to commit to doing 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Not only does it help your physical health it also helps with your mental health, bone and brain health and even gives you an opportunity to socialise with friends and family. Check out the website for fun ways to get active at home, work and on the weekend.