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We provide a range of different therapies such as massage, taping, exercise therapy and scripts for X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRIs. We can be involved with your hydrotherapy program, gym program and rehabilitation program.

Physiotherapy Consultations

We are able to assess and treat various injuries ranging from backpain and neckpain to shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries.
We use various means to help manage your pain then together with you, formulate a plan to rehabilitate your injury and get you back to your desired goal.

Initial Consultations will be 45 minutes and subsequent consultations are 30 minutes. Head to our contact page to request a booking or better still, give us a call on:

0490 806 654

Neurological Physiotherapy (Neuro Physio)

Did you know that Joy our resident Physio holds a position at Eastern Health’s Movement Disorders program? This means that she is specialised in treating Parkinson’s disease in its various stages of progression. She is also passionate about treating various Neurological conditions like Stroke, ABIs, MS and other Progressive Neurological conditions. You can see her at her Blackburn rooms or she is offering very limited home visits based on time availabilities.

Hydrotherapy/ Gym Rehabilitation

Sometimes injuries require more than just a simple home exercise program. Therefore we cater for Hydrotherapy, which are pool based sessions or gym sessions where we will teach you to use particular gym equipment geared towards your recovery.

On Track is co-located with HiSuper fitness and have access to their newly built private gym.

*Hydrotherapy sessions can only be offered tentatively as this depends on pool restrictions. Hydrotherapy can only be offered at Boxhill Aqualink.

Movement and Pilates classes

We love using Pilates and other exercises to help re-train normal movement in your body. These classes are designed for active people wanting a recovery session or for people needing to get back into exercise. Enquire directly with your Physio to see if these classes would be suitable for you.

  • Saturday 9:00am
  • More classes to be added soon
  • To claim on Private Health insurance your extra cover needs to accept code: 561

Head to our Group exercise page to book.

Corporate Pilates classes

We are able to run Private corporate classes catered specifically for your business. This is a great way to help generate well being and keep your staff fresh and more productive.

We accept:

Private health insurance (Hicaps available onsite)
Rebates from Chronic disease management plans (referral is required from your GP)
NDIS (Plan-managed or Self-managed)

NDIS*, TAC, Workcover

We have a fully equipped gym to help with your rehabilitation. Gym programs can be readily set-up and supervised and we can also help you apply for a gym membership if you are eligible.

*We are not registered NDIS providers though have plenty of experience in the area. We can only accept Plan-managed of self-managed clients. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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