We not only specialise in Ergonomic assessment but we help to Choose your office furniture, fixtures and equipment with functionality, aesthetics and Ergonomics in mind.

We want offices to look and feel great.

Our service is unique in that we offer more than just an Ergonomic Assessment. We believe our place is in the design phase is to first understand your procurement requirements from a Health and Wellness perspective and seek to then provide economical solutions for your office fit-out.

Offices are typically designed based on functionality and aesthetics but Ergonomics isn’t normally a primary focus. By collaborating with us at On Track Physiotherapy we will ensure that all furniture, fixtures and equipment will be selected with an ergonomic perspective in mind. This will allow for ongoing injury prevention in the workplace.

Our passion has been born from witnessing countless of our clients presenting with preventable injuries, often caused by a lack of education about office ergonomics. Therefore with every On Track Physiotherapy service we provide education and/or after care service (if applicable) to ensure that workers are given the tools to look after themselves.

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Are you a Small-Medium sized workplace that values your employee’s Health and Wellness?

Ergonomics in the Home

Given the unique situation we find ourselves in many of us potentially for the first time ever are forced to work from home. We can help! We have an incredibly affordable service in this difficult economic time.

  • $50 Virtual Home assessment. (Head to our contacts page to enquire and book in an appointment)
  • Different package levels to help set your home office up with the ergonomic equipment you need

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Ergonomics in the Workplace

  • 1:1 Ergonomic education with workers
  • General office audit
  • General tailored staff education
  • Expertise in choosing: Desks/ Workstations, Chairs, Mice, Keyboards and other accessories resulting in seamless integration of all equipment
  • Collaborating with Architects and/or Interior designers during design phase
  • Access to well-known and respected office suppliers
  • Helping your business negotiate prices when choosing office furniture, fixtures and equipment

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Wellness in the Workplace

We offer corporate exercise classes as we know this is a great way to:

  • Build team unity and collaboration
  • Enhance productivity by increasing blood flow to the brain
  • reduce injury

Contact us to have a free conversation on how we may help your business. Every business is unique therefore we guarantee to provide a service unique to your business.

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