Health Behaviour Change

This article was written by Physiotherapist Jessica Anderson from On Track Physiotherapy (Special interests in promoting health and wellness in the Stroke and ABI population) We all make decisions about our health every day but what makes us choose one thing over another? One thing we see as Health Professionals is the many ways inContinue reading “Health Behaviour Change”

The lack of Physical activity in Stroke Survivors

Author: Jessica Anderson – Stroke rehabilitation/Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialist Did you know? Stroke survivors are the least active of all chronic health conditions Stroke survivors are at 30% risk of further stroke, 18% of which will be fatal Exercise along with diet modification, anti hypertensives, cholesterol lowering meds and aspirin could lower risk of secondaryContinue reading “The lack of Physical activity in Stroke Survivors”

Treating Vestibular Disorders

Author: Jess Hennell (Physiotherapist) – Special Interest in Vestibular Disorders “Vertigo and dizziness affects more than 1/3 of people over the age of 50” – RACGP It can lead to people requiring time off work, presentations to the emergency department and falls resulting in serious injuries or fractures. Vertigo is a type of dizziness thatContinue reading “Treating Vestibular Disorders”

A Case-study: To prescribe or not to prescribe?

One of the most commonly asked for items are standing desks but this does not always mean it is the correct solution.  Finding out why a client wants a standing desk is important. More often than not, they are in pain whilst working and need a solution to their pain. Pain and injury can decreaseContinue reading “A Case-study: To prescribe or not to prescribe?”