A Case-study: To prescribe or not to prescribe?

One of the most commonly asked for items are standing desks but this does not always mean it is the correct solution. 

Finding out why a client wants a standing desk is important. More often than not, they are in pain whilst working and need a solution to their pain. Pain and injury can decrease productivity and also cause time-off work. Besides, pain can often make people irritable not only to clients but also towards fellow co-workers, family and friends. This can quickly cause resentment and negativity in a work place.

In my last few workstation assessments instead of standing desks I have actually looked at other things such as keyboard and mouse, screen set-up and office chairs. Often educating my clients on how to set their workstation up goes a long way as it often solves their problems quickly. This is important as you can have the fanciest tools but if you don’t know how to use them it won’t fix your problem.

Contact On Track Physiotherapy if you would like more information on how our individually tailored assessments might benefit your workplace or workers.

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